1. 101 Goals in 1,001 Days

    A few years ago, I started (and miserably neglected/failed) my first 101 Goals in 1,001 Days list. To this day, I have no clue as to why I stopped accomplishing those goals; but now I am here with another list and I promise to finish this one completely! If you have not yet heard of this project (provided by the DayZero Project), it’s basically a challenge of completing 101 realistic goals in 1,001 days. In 2010, the website has evolved into a real social network where participants could post their lists, share their goals, and follow other members. If you’re too intimidated (like I was three years ago) with 101 goals, then you could start a random list of your own: 52 Things in 52 Weeks, 30 Things by 30, or even goals to accomplish before you graduate. It’s up to you! Click here to get started

    If you’d like to follow my progress, I’ve added a link on my tumblr’s right-hand module. As stated in my first list, I’ll be posting several photos/videos here on my tumblr with my progress. (I’ve already started today with #05: Leave a note in a library book.) Thank you so much, my friends, for all of the support throughout the years. Here’s to a magical 1,001 days of accomplishing goals and achieving dreams. Cheers!


    Start date: May 11, 2012
    End date: February 7, 2015

    Collect paint chips and document the significance of each.
    002. Take photos in at least ten different photo booths. [00/10]
    003. Document/Write down 100 favorite memories.
    004. For a week, write down every thought (no matter how strange).
    005. Leave a note in ten different library books. [01/10]
    006. Enter art in an exhibit.
    007. Complete at least 50 paintings. [00/50]
    008. Fully complete at least two moleskines. [00/02]
    009. Compile a top favorites list for music, film, and literature.
    010. Learn to identify ten different constellations. [00/10]
    011. Learn 50 new things by clicking ‘random articles' on wikipedia. [00/50]
    012. Learn ten interesting facts about ten countries I know nothing about.
    013. Learn to whistle. (bonus points: with fingers)
    014. Learn to change the oil in my car. 
    015. Learn to read tarot cards and hands.
    016. Keep a log of new words learned.
    017. Be more advanced in Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.
    018. Graduate college.
    019. Make amends with at least one ex-friend. [00/01]
    020. Reconnect with one different old friend per month. [00/34]
    021. Put change in someone’s expired parking meter.
    022. Pay coffee for the person ordering behind me.
    023. Tip a street musician (generously).
    024. Send at least twenty PostCrossing letters. [00/20]
    025. Select someone from phonebook and write them an anonymous letter.
    026. Name a star after someone special.
    027. Go to a graveyard and leave flowers for random graves.
    028. Send a message in a bottle.
    029. Tie a bad memory to a balloon and let it go. [proof]
    030. Give my umbrella to someone on a rainy day.
    031. Collect trash on the side of freeways and make them into art.
    032. Watch all of IMDB’s Top 250 Movies. [000/250]
    033. Choose five countries and watch one foreign film from each. [00/05]
    034. Watch 25 documentaries on topics I know nothing about. [00/25]
    035. Find a new television series and watch every episode from start to finish. 
    036. Watch a movie at a drive-in.
    037. Attend a film festival.
    038. Get to 4,000 artists listened on Last.FM.
    039. Listen to every song in my iTunes library.
    040. Go to at least 20 shows/concerts. [00/20]
    041. See Sigur Rós live.
    042. Sing karaoke at a bar. (preferably when drunk)
    043. Make at least 50 mixed CDs/playlists. [00/50]
    044. Ask 20 friends to suggest one book, read them all. [00/20]
    045. Go to a library at least ten times, just to read. [00/10]
    046. Keep a “My Day in Six Words” journal for a year.
    047. Complete a crossword book.
    048. Sell/Donate/Gift all of my old books.
    049. Make my own anthology.
    050. Try ten new recipes. [00/10]
    051. Try thirty new kinds of tea (loose leaf or teabag) [02/30]
    052. Try 50 new wines and document them. [01/50]
    053. Cook an entire meal for my family. (bonus points: Thanksgiving)
    054. Make/Design an original cocktail.
    055. Go wine-tasting. 
    056. Make a pie from scratch.
    057. Host a dinner party.
    058. Host a cocktail party.
    059. Host a game of hide-and-seek in IKEA.
    060. Host a scavenger hunt.
    061. Host a wine and cheese tasting party.
    062. Buy an iMac.
    063. Buy at least five handmade things from Etsy. [00/05]
    064. Buy a piece of art from a local artist.
    065. Try/Buy new cologne.
    066. Decorate a tote bag and use it.
    067. Go to a ballet.
    068. Go to a play.
    069. Go to a poetry reading.
    070. Go to a flea market.
    071. Go geocaching (bonus points: with friends).
    072. Visit art museums/exhibits at least ten times. [00/10]
    073. Visit a museum on a subject I know nothing about.
    074. Attend a fashion runway show.
    075. Attend a wedding.
    076. Discover at least 20 new-to-me restaurants/cafes/bars. [01/20]
    077. Become a recognized regular somewhere.
    078. See a psychic.
    079. Discover at least ten new trails to walk/run/bike. [00/10]
    080. Drive Route 66.
    081. Visit a zoo/aquarium at least ten times. [01/10]
    082. Go to Disneyland from opening to closing.
    083. Get drunk and wake up somewhere I have never been.
    084. Face my fear and swim out as far into the ocean as possible.
    085. Find a new job.
    086. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
    087. Start an emergency fund.
    088. Enter a short essay contest.
    089. Go to a Rocky Horror Picture Show showing at midnight (again).
    090. Do 100 consecutive pushups.
    091. Have a traditional picnic in a park.
    092. Visit Toronto, CAN.
    093. Take a family road trip.
    094. Open an Etsy account and sell artwork/instagram prints.
    095. Sell all of my vinylmations, pogs, beanie babies, etc.
    096. Visit all of my favorite teachers.
    097. Clean out entire wardrobe and start anew.
    098. Visit ten states that I have never been.
    099. Visit New York City and San Francisco with my little sister.
    100. Go someplace alone, take a photograph, and never go back again.
    101. Move into my own apartment.

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