1. brain-food:

    Grimm and Other Folk Tales
    by Cory Godbey 

  2. prostheticknowledge:

    Structures 4 by Atelier Olschinsky .

    Another set of illustration work by an artist who successfully adopts an abstract realism approach. In this collection, familiar urban motifs become recursive fractal compositions with a surreal structural effect.

    More Here
    Previous work by the artist covered on this blog

  5. The world through the eyes of children by illustrator Pierrette Diaz. I’m in love with this little set of illustrations painted by Richard N’go. My six-year old self can definitely relate to a couple of these, especially the “pregnant” one.

    (Source: devincastro)

  6. Historic Pictograms. A series by Milan-based design studio H-57.

    (Source: devincastro)

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  8. Le Concierge by Rob Hodgson.

    (Source: devincastro.tumblr.com`)